We provide the outdoor gear.  You take it from there. 


Our family loves being active and adventurous outdoors. As our family and interests have grown over the years we've gone through the many stages of being an adventurous outdoor family. We started out tent camping as a family. Then we "upgraded" to trailer camping. Next we got into motor boating and paddle sports.  As we went through this outdoor activity evolution we wished that there was an easy way to try new outdoor activities and equipment. This was the inspiration that lead us to start Open Air Outfitter (OAO).

Open Air Outfitter is an outdoor gear rental company that helps you to be adventurous outdoors without the hassle and investment that comes with owning all the various outdoor gear. OAO provides you easy access to quality gear that you can use at your destination of choice. You can now rent the gear you need to explore all Wisconsin has to offer.  Whether you dream of floating the day away on Mirror Lake, kayaking the Wisconsin River or spending time camping the north woods, we have your equipment solutions. Most other rental companies choose which lake, river or campground you will use their equipment on.  Our goal is to give you the freedom to try new outdoor activities and to choose your destination without having to purchase, store and maintain the equipment that goes along with it.


  • Save Your Money - Acquiring, maintaining, replacing, upgrading and paying to store all of the various outdoor gear is expensive.

  • Save Your Space - No need to rent storage units or take up valuable space in your garage with infrequently used outdoor gear.

  • Save Your Time - No time is needed to maintain or repair outdoor gear.

  • Your Life & Likes Change - Your life and likes can change over time. Don't limit your activities and adventures to just the things that you own or know. Be adventurous and try something new without all the hassle of equipment ownership.

  • Go Where and When You Want - Select the gear you want and go where ever your heart desires. We don't restrict where you can use our gear.

  • Be Green - Renting infrequently used outdoor gear lessens the continuation of the consumption economy.

  • Don't Limit Your Self - Take more and do more and/or combine activities with OAO outdoor rental gear.

    • You already own a single kayak but want some friends to join you on your next paddle excursion. Rent tandem kayaks from OAO.

    • Can't haul all the gear and friends you want on your next adventure? Rent a SPACE trailer from OAO and take all of your gear and friends.

    • The kids want to try paddle boarding but you want to go biking. Strap your bike onto a SPACE trailer from OAO and rent some OAO paddle boards for the kids too.

  • Try Before You Buy - You don't want to invest in new outdoor gear because you're not sure what activities you'll enjoy​ or what equipment would be best. Rent some OAO gear to figure out what you like before you buy it.


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